Canal District’s Fresh Look

After a three-month construction period, Phu My Hung completed the landscape transformation of the Canal District on January 31, 2024, unveiling a rejuvenated ambiance just in time for the New Year of the Dragon celebration.

The initiative to enhance the landscape of the Canal District commenced in November 2023, with a primary focus on Ton Dat Tien Street and the internal roads within the vicinity. Ton Dat Tien Street’s median strip, recognized as a miniature park within the Canal District, took center stage in the renovation efforts.

The revitalized Canal District now boasts a “new look,” featuring elevated road surfaces, refreshed sidewalk tiles, and an overall airy and clean aesthetic. Pedestrian walkways showcase renewed markings adorned with vibrant patterns, such as schools of fish and waves. Notably, the median area stands out with various unique enhancements. The meandering landscape canal at the center has been redesigned with large stones and bridges. Alongside the canal, charming winding paths under the shade of green trees offer a serene environment for pedestrians. Decorative art symbols are strategically placed, creating eye-catching focal points and delightful “check-in” spots.

Spanning 37 hectares, the Canal District is an early-developed residential zone within the Phu My Hung City Center, featuring upscale apartment and villa projects like The Grand View, Garden Court 1, Garden Court 2, Garden Plaza 1, Garden Plaza 2, Panorama, My Kim 3, My Tu 2, My Giang 1, My Giang 2, Lam Thien Luc Dia 2, and more. The landscape upgrade in the Canal District significantly contributes to enhancing residents’ quality of life and elevating the commercial value of local stores.

Let’s explore some of the latest images showcasing the transformed beauty of the Canal District post-landscape renovation:

Source: Phu My Hung

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